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Mission & Vision


For the last two decades, I enjoy working in different sectors in the fashion field ranging from magazine editor to designer for international brands after graduating from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I have worked as a design manager at French label agnès b before launching my upcycling label, LastbutnotLeast, in 2013, demonstrating various possibilities of upcycling fashion through redesign service and collaboration with NGO, art groups, brands & corporate for exhibitions, workshops and events...etc.


Since 2016, I brought Fashion Clinic to life in my first solo refashion exhibition with the support of Sam Fung of XiaoShiGuang and Francesca at FL Place, at Central.

From 2018-19, I extended the concept with a project partner and co-curated Future Fashion Lab to reconnect the stakeholders in the industry.


I’ve been holding on to explore the prescriptions for the seriously ill fashion industry.

Amidst the confusion of 2020, I propped up the Slow Stitch Nomad shelter, hoping to construct an intimate space without restriction of time and place, and to heal the soul through slow stitching.

From 2021, Fashion Clinic is EVOLVED into a new phase. Toby Crispy continues in the name of

Fashion Clinic by T  to

Tales of
Time in
Textile by

TobyCrispy & Teams
through collaboration, redesign service and workshops.

Curating more interesting projects, I will continue to work hard to regain the meaning of fashion.

I truly believe that upcycling is the best way to make the best use of resources. The process of transforming unwanted products into something valuable again is challenging but also rewarding to creators.
I see upcycling as the most effective and affective way to strengthen the bond between us and our belongings.
In this way, it cuts down over-consumption and waste of resources at its root.

Last but not least, proposing a better lifestyle with my profession is the mission of a designer.

Why Crispy?

Throwback to a poem I wrote when I created the Crispies in 2002.

"Crispies are firefly genies,
Dwelling in great primacy,
Air breathes freshly,
Water reflects limpidly,
Crispies are no oldies,
Language in utmost simplicity,
Live & joy of great proficiency."

That's why I name myself

Who is blind? Can you really see beauty?

In 2014, I invited 4 visually impaired models to go through a refashion journey with me and to show how they enjoy fashion and see beauty beyond their eyes. After the 2-year journey, the video documentary was published in 2016.

(See full version here if you like)

Pass the baton to the future fashion makers!

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So Wan

Co-creator of

The Fashion Milagros

Ichi Chan

Technical partner for

redesign projects

Edwina Tai

Designer for

Future Fashion Lab